airPy Firmware

July 10, 2016

The pyboard run Micropython code that miss some feature in comparison with the bigger brother C-Python.

The python code is structured in the following modules:

  • attitude: ¬†flight stabilization
  • receiver: SBUS protocol handling, RC Receiver abstraction layer
  • aplink: airPy Link Protocol stack
  • utils: logging, configuration management
  • pid: pid controller
  • imu: MPU9150 driver (imported from an existing GitHub Project)
  • fusion: sensor fusion (imported from an existing GitHub Project)

The airPy firmware provides the following features:

  1. Motor ARM/DISARM
  2. ESC Calibration
  3. SBUS support (Tested on FrSky X4R/X6R/X8R) *
  4. Stabilized Flight Mode
  5. PID Tuning
  6. Sensors reading streaming

* The SBUS drive support 16 Channels + 2 digital, but at the moment only 4 Channels are used by the software.

The source code is available on GitHub